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eCommerce Focused Services

Every project is unique, but we may already have a solution for it.

Custom / Open Source / SaaS

From a custom platform to an open-source solution, we help you build your online store with ease. Robust architecture and streamlined supply chain are seamlessly integrated.

Marketplace Development

Foster seamless connections between your buyers and sellers through our expertly crafted eCommerce business solution.

PWA eCommerce App

Progressive Web App (PWA), seamlessly connecting web and mobile capabilities. Crafted with cutting-edge web technologies, it delivers a mobile app-like performance for an enhanced user experience.

Website Design & UI

Crafting a bespoke website theme tailored to your business requirements ensures a distinctive presence, setting you apart and delivering an exceptional user experience.

Plugin Development

Our custom eCommerce plugin enables you to concentrate on your core business while seamlessly deploying and optimizing essential plugin functionalities.

Headless Development

Effortlessly manage diverse verticals by creating multiple storefronts with a single admin interface, ensuring streamlined operations and consistent user experiences.


Encountering bandwidth challenges with your current solution? We assist you in seamlessly migrating your eCommerce business to a robust architecture, coupled with ongoing extended support.

eCommerce Consulting

Whether presenting new business requirements or addressing existing challenges, share your objectives with us. Our tailored solutions are crafted to propel you toward achieving your goals.

Managed eCommerce

Simplify your operations with powerful admin

Effortlessly oversee your business operations, from inventory and product management to order processing and customer interactions.

Our user-friendly interfaces empower you to navigate through intricate tasks with ease, ensuring efficient control and optimization of your online store.

Possible Solution Options
  • Build it from scratch:

  • Customise SaaS Solution:

Our eCommerce Development Process

Having accomplished numerous successful projects, we implement a transparent and agile development process, guiding you seamlessly from the initial planning to the post-release stages.

Analysis & Planning

Precise strategy, meticulous planning for crafting success

Mockup & Prototype

Site Architecture & Key Functionalities

UI & UX Development

Visualization & User Experience Customisations

Store Creation

Site and functionality development, including key features

Plugin & Integrations

Utilizing custom or available add-on processes to achieve objectives

Testing & Quality Check

Precision testing in each step, ensuring flawless experience

Project Release & Live

Project deployment & security on live server

Plug your essential tools in few clicks

Integrate popular plugins with just a click

Plugin Integrations

Streamline your Supply Chain, Payment Gateways, Marketing & More...

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Enhanced Order Tracking

Request for a Admin Demo, Features and functionality walk around


Bespoke & Open Source eCommerce Projects


Custom plugins published for Magento & Shopify


Average rating by customers globally

Headless Storefront

Headless PWA For eCommerce

We craft the perfect blueprint using top-notch architecture and the latest tech trends. We build a sleek headless storefront and design a user-friendly interface to give your eCommerce store that easy, breezy feel.

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We prioritizes accessibility with features like screen reader support and customizable options for an inclusive shopping experience.


Unmatched speed ensures rapid navigation and quick transactions for an accelerated and responsive user experience.


Unparalleled performance ensures swift navigation and seamless transactions, delivering a smooth and efficient user experience.


Enjoy unparalleled customization options, from personalized preferences to unique interfaces, putting you in control of your digital storefront.

Track the orders and streamline your business operations

Powerful and scalable admin, future proof for growing needs

Encode IO is loved and trusted by businesses globally:

Project Portfolio

eCommerce solutions ranging from small to enterprise level

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SK Toys
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Candere By Kalyan
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Here’s what our amazing clients are saying

Testament to our success and customer-centric approach in delivering exceptional eCommerce projects

Questions & Answers

Some of the most common questions we address

1.How ecommerce solutions can scale business growth?

Our scalable architecture allows seamless expansion, with provisions for increased server capacity, optimized performance, and efficient management of growing product catalogs and customer interactions.

2. Integration of third-party tools and applications?

Our ecommerce solution is designed with open APIs and compatibility with various third-party tools, facilitating easy integration with CRM, ERP, analytics, and other essential business applications for a cohesive and streamlined operational environment.

3. How you ensure engaging user experience on platform?

We implement advanced AI-driven algorithms for personalized recommendations, user behavior analysis, and dynamic content delivery, enhancing the overall customer experience and increasing user engagement.

4. How do we adapt tp emerging trend and technologies?

We maintain a dynamic approach, regularly updating our systems to integrate the latest technologies and trends, ensuring that your ecommerce platform remains cutting-edge and competitive in the market.

5. Addressing potential cybersecurity threats and ensuring the safety of sensitive customer data?

Our ecommerce platform employs robust encryption protocols, regular security audits, and compliance with industry standards to safeguard customer data, providing a secure online shopping environment.

6. What support and contingency measures are provided?

Our 24/7 technical support team is equipped to address and resolve issues promptly. Additionally, our system incorporates redundant servers, automated backups, and failover mechanisms to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity.

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